Garmin watch is not durable as we thought

I got my 945 broken strap mount after 9 months of usage (about 50% usage indoor only). It’s plastic it’s smaller and lighter than Fenix. But it’s easy to broken too.

People (in running community and even Garmin Repair Service) said it’s my fault. As it should be in hard contact to break the watch.
But if we look closely to the opposite mount strap. We can see a crack line.

Eventually it would be broken too.

I think firstly it’s my fault to buy this watch and think it’s durable. I didn’t use this watch for hiking or caving. (I weared Galaxy Watch Active 2 during Son Doong Cave expedition, and it survived). The only activities I did for last 6 months is just running, swimming and cycling (mostly indoor).

I would send it to the service center in Vietnam, but I think they would charge me $150 for trade in (although my watch is still in warranty).

Next time buy a Garmin watch, please chooose a non-plastic one. Or another brand, otherwise It might not live long enough :D.

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